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Structural Steel Suppliers in Qatar

NWH, a leading Structural Steel supplier in Qatar, provides an extensive selection of top-notch steel products for diverse construction and engineering ventures. Our vast inventory encompasses an array of steel items, including beams, channels, angles, and more, crafted from various grades of carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. Trust NWH as your go-to choice for reliable structural steel solutions in Qatar.

Our Products

Beams - NWH


Universal Beams (UB), Universal Columns (UC), American Wide Flange Beam (W), European Flanges (IPE/IPN)

Plates - NWH


Hot Rolled Plates, Graded Plates, Boiler Grade Plates, Pressure Vessel Plates, High Tensile Plates in different grades.

Channels - NWH


Parallel Flange Channels (PFC), Japanese Channels / British Channels (C), European Channels (UPN)

Sheets - NWH


Mild steel sheets (MS), Hot Rolled Sheets (HR), Cold Rolled Sheets (CR), Galvanized Iron Sheets

Angels - NWH


Equal & Unequal Angles in different designations from size 25mm * 25mm and thickness 12mm to 24mm.

Hollow section - NWH


Hot formed hollow sections in square hollow sections, Rectangular hollow sections, Square hollow section.

Bars - NWH


Mild steel (MS) Flat Bars, Round Bars, Square Bars in different dimensions for 13mm * 3mm to 120mm * 6mm. 

Coils - NWH


Mild Steel (MS) Coils, Hot Roles (HR) Coils, Cold Rolled Coils, Galvanized Iron (GI) Coils with coil sitting process.

Chequered Plates - NWH


Mild Steel (MS) Chequeres Plates available in different specifications & grades from ASTM A36 or equivalent grade

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